To most Northeast Coast snowbirds, warm, tropical destinations seem to be the most ideal when staying away dreary, cold winters. With Puerto Rico being a convenient 3+ hour flight from New York, this island getaway has been a “go-to” for many years, especially for those looking to not only catch sun, but waves for sure. Just recently, I took a quick little trip down to visit a couple of girlfriends living in Rincon. Unfortunately for me the swell was a massive 15ft so I couldn’t get a little surf sesh in even if I tried. Instead, my girls and I decided to take a last minute adventure. Sitting on the beach watching big surf wasn’t an option as Puerto Rico is an island filled with these little hidden “adventure” gems.

We headed to Culebra and let me tell you, I’m so glad we did. Known as the “Last Virgin” due to its position in the Virgin Islands, Culebra is a small island that sits 17 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Instead of booking a B&B or hotel, we were told to camp (on the beach nonetheless). So of course we airbnb’d it and voila, we found a rental tent equipped with everything. Instead of renting a car, we rented a golf cart and rallied.

Flamenco Beach

From locals to tourists, warming smiles greet you as you walk through the streets. The food compliments that pleasant vibe with many options from organic acai bowls, fresh fish tacos to delicious local cuisine. Striking, vibrant art coat the walls in town leaving visitors with that Carribbean island feel. With plenty of beaches to swim and snorkel, you can pretty rely on exploring the island to keep you busy. Surrounded by aquamarine water filled with tropical fish and sea turtles, this destination is sure 10. Grab your chicas, pack a few ‘kinis and some sunnies then you’re good to go. Enjoy...