Bethany Mayer | @surfbazaar

Bethany Mayer, founder of Surf Bazaar, recently sat down with Mini Mode to discuss tips for first-time surfers and the rise of women hitting the waves.  Read below for a sneak peak of the interview and see the whole article here.

Bethany with Daughter at the beach

The holistic benefits of surfing… does it make us healthier, feel better and are the effects long lasting? 

For me, it clears my mind and connects me to the ocean. It’s also a low impact sport, so comparing it to others like running & skiing I can see myself surfing into my old age!

On discovering surfing – your surf story: 

First time out was with my husband in Montauk. We surfed together at our special spot that’s within walking distance from our house. And, what once was a secret seems to have more and more people showing up! But I don’t mind… I like to see more people out there, especially women!

Advice to a first time surfer: 

Use a leash, don’t ditch your board and hold on tight – other surfers can avoid you but not a flying board. And cover your head when your board does get away from you.

Fave surf style: 

One piece suits from Acacia and Mikoh, shorty wetsuits from Kassia Meador and swimsuits in neoprene from Lisa Maria Fernandez.


By Colleen Crivello