Surf Bazaar Designer Series | Mikoh

Inspired by the sea, sisters Oleema and Kalani, bring their creative perspective to bikinis for the modern woman. The Resort 2017 Polyenesia Collection is a twist on island living with vibrant pops of color and all things nature.

Kilauea One Piece

Spending their youth in Southern California and their second home on the North Shore of Hawaii, sisters Oleema and Kalani were raised as surfers and lovers of the sea. Oleema, a former professional surfer, carries her experience from traveling the world in swimwear. As the creative director, she inspires the creation of beautiful AND functional bikinis. Kalani brings to the team her education, business smarts and sultry style. Their values are both to express creativity and show off self-expression by offering unique mix and match pieces.


Left: Carmel Bandeau and Valencia Bottom

Right: Barbados Top and Zuma Bottom

The Hamptons Dress

The sisters travel the world, immersing themselves in different cultures and adventures adding a modern twist to traditional island culture. “Synonymous with femininity, beauty and strength”, Mikoh is truly defining itself as the go-to for modern silhouettes and luxe fabrics.